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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Preclinical toxicology and safety pharmacology of the first-in-class GADD45β/MKK7 inhibitor and clinical candidate, DTP3Tornatore, L; Capece, D; D'Andrea, D; Begalli, F; Verzella, D, et al
22-Jan-2021Brd2/4 and Myc regulate alternative cell lineage programmes during early osteoclast differentiation in vitroCaputo, VS; Trasanidis, N; Xiao, X; Robinson, ME; Katsarou, A, et al
27-Apr-2021Systems level profiling of chemotherapy-induced stress resolution in cancer cells reveals druggable trade-offsSaavedra-Garcia, P; Roman-Trufero, M; Al-Sadah, HA; Blighe, K; Lopez-Jimenez, E, et al
16-Jul-2018Epithelial damage and tissue gamma delta T cells promote a unique tumor-protective IgE responseCrawford, G; Hayes, MD; Seoane, RC; Ward, S; Dalessandri, T, et al
3-Oct-2018Bi-directional cell-pericellular matrix interactions direct stem cell fateFerreira, SA; Motwani, MS; Faull, PA; Seymour, AJ; Yu, TTL, et al
26-May-2017De-escalation of tyrosine kinase inhibitor dose in patients with chronic myeloid leukaemia with stable major molecular response (DESTINY): an interim analysis of a non-randomised, phase 2 trialClark, RE; Polydoros, F; Apperley, JF; Milojkovic, D; Pocock, C, et al
Feb-2020NF-κB and mitochondria cross paths in cancer: mitochondrial metabolism and beyondCapece, D; Verzella, D; Di Francesco, B; Alesse, E; Franzoso, G, et al
1-Mar-2018GADD45β loss ablates innate immunosuppression in cancerVerzella, D; Bennett, J; Fischietti, M; Thotakura, AK; Recordati, C, et al
1-May-2015Telomerase regulates MYC-driven oncogenesis independent of its reverse transcriptase activityKoh, CM; Khattar, E; Leow, SC; Liu, CY; Muller, J, et al
13-Oct-2014Cancer-selective targeting of the NF-kappa B survival pathway with GADD45 beta/MKK7 inhibitorsTornatore, L; Sandomenico, A; Raimondo, D; Low, C; Rocci, A, et al