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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2020Erdheim-Chesterdisease in bone marrowWilson, MR; Gordon, W; Goodlad, J; Leach, M; Bain, BJ
1-Feb-2022Peripheral blood features of iron overload in post-splenectomy, type I congenital dyserythropoietic anemiaDexter, D; Layton, DM; Kiritkumar, K; Bain, BJ
1-Jul-2021Severe babesiosis due to Babesia divergens acquired in the United KingdomChan, WY; MacDonald, C; Keenan, A; Xu, K; Bain, BJ, et al
Nov-2020Historical review: a history of the British Journal of Haematology.Bain, BJ
1-Mar-2022Eosinophil morphology in the reactive eosinophilia of Hodgkin lymphomaSiow, W; Matthey, F; Bain, BJ
1-Jan-2022Atypical lymphocytosis due to CD8-positive T-cell expansion in unsuspected HIV infection.Parsons, K; Ayalew, Y; Jackson, C; Leach, M; Bain, BJ
12-Mar-2022Fresh water-induced hemolysis in near-drowningMirvis, E; Bain, BJ
28-Dec-2021What does the term 'sickle cell disease' mean?Bain, BJ; Littlewood, T; Rees, DC
1-May-2021Leukemia. Radiation. Chornobyl (oncohematological consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe)Bain, BJ
1-May-2022British Society for Haematology guidelines for the laboratory diagnosis of malariaRogers, CL; Bain, BJ; Garg, M; Fernandes, S; Mooney, C, et al