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21-Sep-202215-Deoxy-Delta-12,14-prostaglandin J2 modulates pro-labour and pro-inflammatory responses in human myocytes, vaginal and amnion epithelial cellsRasheed, Z; Lee, Y; Kim, S; Teoh, TG; MacIntyre, D, et al
1-Jun-20161964-P: PAS-domain containing protein kinase (PASK) is required for the regulation of food intake and glucose homeostasisMondragon, A; Hodson, D; Semplici, F; Mikami, T; Ishii, R, et al
17-May-20221H NMR Signals from urine excreted protein are a source of bias in probabilistic quotient normalizationCorreia, GDS; Takis, PG; Sands, CJ; Kowalka, AM; Tan, T, et al
21-Sep-20171H NMR spectroscopy-based metabolomics analysis for the diagnosis of symptomatic E. coli-associated urinary tract infection (UTI)Lussu, M; Camboni, T; Piras, C; Serra, C; Del Carratore, F, et al
13-Dec-20211H nuclear magnetic resonance: a future approach to the metabolic profiling of psychedelics in human biofluids?Vilca-Melendez, S; Uthaug, M; Griffin, J; , et al
12-Oct-2021200 Can methylation signals of cervical cancer enhance cervical screening?: an epigenome-wide association study on the Illumina 850k arrayBowden, S; Bodinier, B; Paraskevaidi, M; Kalliala, I; Chaitrakulthong, N, et al
-2022 ESGO/EFC/IFCPC/ESP Terminology for dimensions of cone after local conservative treatment for cervical intra-epithelial neoplasia and early invasive cervical cancerKyrgiou, M; Athanasiou, A; Arbyn, M; Lax, S; Raspollini, MR, et al
1-Oct-20192311 Impact of BMI and ethnicity on histology as assessed by automated quantitation in liver biopsies of patients with NAFLDForlano, R; Mullish, BH; Giannakeas, N; Tsipouras, M; Tzallas, A, et al
12-Oct-2021392 Magseed-guided wide local excision during the COVID-19 pandemic: a tenable solution to barriers in accessing elective breast cancer surgeryTeh, JJ; Cai, W; Kedrzycki, M; Thiruchelvam, P; Leff, D, et al
18-Aug-20145 ' isomiR variation is of functional and evolutionary importanceTan, GC; Chan, E; Molnar, A; Sarkar, R; Alexieva, D, et al
7-Nov-2022614 Microbiome modification with fecal microbiota transplant from healthy donors before anti-PD1 therapy reduces primary resistance to immunotherapy in advanced and metastatic melanoma patientsRouty, B; Lenehan, J; Daisley, B; Messaoudene, M; Al, K, et al
May-2020644 identification of novel changes in microbially-derived metabolites after fecal microbiota transplant for recurrent clostridioides difficile infectionMartinez-Gili, L; McDonald, JA; Liu, Z; Kao, DH; Allegretti, JR, et al
8-Jan-2020750P - A phase Ib study of pembrolizumab following trans-arterial chemoembolization (TACE) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC): PETALPinato, DJ; Cole, T; Bengsch, B; Tait, P; Sayed, AA, et al
17-Sep-2019A Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)-derived peptide based on the Type I receptor-binding site modifies cell-type dependent BMP signallingTong, Z; Guo, J; Glen, RC; Morrell, NW; Li, W
21-Apr-2021A case series of patients with isolated IgG4-related hypophysitis treated with rituximabBoharoon, H; Tomlinson, J; Limback-Stanic, C; Gontsarova, A; Martin, N, et al
1-Mar-2020A combination of metabolites predicts adherence to the Mediterranean diet pattern and its associations with insulin sensitivity and lipid homeostasis in the general population: The Fenland Study, United KingdomTong, TYN; Koulman, A; Griffin, JL; Wareham, NJ; Forouhi, NG, et al
25-Jun-2019A combination of the immunohistochemical markers CK7 and SATB2 is highly sensitive and specific for distinguishing primary ovarian mucinous tumors from colorectal and appendiceal metastasesMeagher, NS; Wang, L; Rambau, PF; Intermaggio, MP; Huntsman, DG, et al
27-Mar-2023A comparison of the effects of resistant starch types on glycaemic response in individuals with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysisPugh, J; Cai, M; Altieri, N; Frost, G
26-Dec-2019A complicated pregnancy in an adult with HNF4A p.R63W-associated fanconi syndromeAnyiam, O; Wallin, E; Kaplan, F; Lawrence, C
23-Oct-2018A comprehensive analysis of the faecal microbiome and metabolome of Strongyloides stercoralis infected volunteers from a non-endemic areaJenkins, TP; Formenti, F; Castro, C; Piubelli, C; Perandin, F, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 1909