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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2018Optical vortex generation from a diode-pumped alexandrite laserThomas, G; Minassian, A; Damzen, MJ; , et al
15-Feb-2020Q-switched laser with self-mode-filtering interferometric vortex output couplerGeberbauer, J; Kerridge-Johns, WR; Damzen, MJ;
21-Feb-2020Q-switched vortex laser using a Sagnac interferometer as an output couplerGeberbauer, JWT; Kerridge-Johns, WR; Damzen, MJ; Clarkson, WA; Shori, RK
15-May-2017Diode-side-pumped Alexandrite slab lasersDamzen, MJ; Thomas, GM; Minassian, A; , et al
28-Nov-2016Diode-pumped Alexandrite lasers in Q-switched and cavity-dumped Q-switched operationThomas, GM; Minassian, A; Sheng, X; Damzen, MJ; , et al
14-Sep-2020Shear plate Interferometer for complex angular momentum field generationKerridge-Johns, WR; Jaillot, J-B; Damzen, MJ
20-Apr-2021Sampling a vortex from a Gaussian beam using a wedge-plate shearing interferometerKerridge-Johns, WR; Jaillot, J-B; Damzen, MJ