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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2015Smart Optrode for Neural Stimulation and SensingDehkhoda, F; Soltan, A; Ramezani, R; Zhao, H; Liu, Y, et al
28-May-2017On-chip ID generation for multi-node implantable devices using SA-PUFGao, C; Ghoreishizadeh, S; Liu, Y; Constandinou, TG; Wellcome Trust, et al
19-Oct-2017Adaptive Power Regulation and Data Delivery for Multi-Module ImplantsMifsud, A; Haci, D; Ghoreishizadeh, S; Liu, Y; Constandinou, TG, et al
17-Oct-2016An optrode with built-in self-diagnostic and fracture sensor for cortical brain stimulationRamezani, R; Dehkhoda, F; Soltan, A; Degenaar, P; Liu, Y, et al
24-Oct-2015Live demonstration: A low-power neuromorphic system for retinal implants and sensory substitutionGaspar, N; Sondhi, A; Evans, B; Nikolic, K; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
17-Oct-2018Design considerations for ground referencing in multi-module neural implantsHaci, D; Liu, Y; Ghoreishizadeh, S; Constandinou, TG; Wellcome Trust
19-Oct-2017Live demonstration: a closed-loop cortical brain implant for optogenetic curing epilepsyLuo, J; Firfilionis, D; Ramezani, R; Dehkhoda, F; Soltan, A, et al
24-Aug-2016A CMOS-based neural implantable optrode for optogenetic stimulation and electrical recordingZhao, H; Dehkhoda, F; Ramezani, R; Sokolov, D; Constandinou, TG, et al
24-Jun-2016Identifying optimal feature transforms for classification and prediction in biological systems: recovering receptive field vectors from sparse recordingsNikolic, K; Evans, B; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Commission of the European Communities; Wellcome Trust, et al
28-May-201732-channel ultra-low-noise arbitrary signal generation platform for biopotential emulationHaci, D; Liu, Y; Constandinou, TG; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Wellcome Trust, et al