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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Sep-2014Low Complexity Adaptive Transmission Scheme for Cooperative Networks with Decode-and-Forward RelayMohammadi Amiri, M; Olfat, A
24-Aug-2014Model predictive Control: a passive schemeFalugi, P
1-Jan-2014Evaluating the use of line length for automatic sleep spindle detectionImtiaz, SA; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
8-May-2014Detection of clipping in coded speech signalsEaton, J; Naylor, PA; Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
22-May-2014NLCertify: A tool for formal nonlinear optimizationMagron, V
7-Jun-2014Increasing the Accuracy and the Repeatability of Position Control for Micromanipulations Using Heteroscedastic Gaussian ProcessesSu, Y; Dong, W; Wu, Y; Du, Z; Demiris, Y
14-Sep-2014THz metal mesh filters on electrically thick fused silica substratesOtter, WJ; Hu, F; Hazell, JF; Lucyszyn, S
1-Jan-2014Cell capacitor sizing in modular multilevel converters and hybrid topologiesMerlin, MMC; Green, TC; Mitcheson, PD; Moreno, FJ; Dyke, KJ, et al
1-Jan-2014Modular multilevel DC/DC converter architectures for HVDC tapsLuth, T; Merlin, MMC; Green, TC
1-Jan-2014Lab-scale experimental multilevel modular HVDC converter with temperature controlled cellsClemow, P; Judge, P; Chaffey, G; Merlin, M; Luth, T, et al