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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jul-2013Modelling muscle spindle dynamics for a proprioceptive prosthesisWilliams, I; Constandinou, TG
9-Dec-2013Energy-Efficient Area Coverage in Bistatic Radar Sensor NetworksYang, Q; He, S; Chen, J
1-Jan-2013Noise-robust reverberation time estimation using spectral decay distributions with reduced computational costEaton, J; Gaubitch, ND; Naylor, PA
6-Jul-2013Behavioral repertoire learning in roboticsCully, AHR; Mouret, J-B
1-Jan-2013A Comparison of Non-Intrusive SNR Estimation Algorithms and the Use of Mapping FunctionsEaton, D; Brookes, DM; Naylor, PA; Home Office; HMGCC, et al
8-Jul-2013A novel two-level shape descriptor for pedestrian detectionElmikaty, M; Stathaki, T; Kimber, P; Giannarou, S
10-Jul-2013Certification of bounds of non-linear functions: The templates methodAllamigeon, X; Gaubert, S; Magron, V; Werner, B
25-Jul-2013Aspects of Network Harmonic Impedance Modelling in High Voltage Distribution NetworksChakravorty, D; Meyer, J; Schegner, P
1-Jan-2013Datapath Fault Tolerance for Parallel AcceleratorsDavis, JJ; Cheung, PYK; Amano, H; Ha, Y; Yamaguchi, Y
20-Oct-2013Roomprints for forensic audio applicationsMoore, AH; Brookes, M; Naylor, PA