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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2015Direct-to-Reverberant ratio estimation on the ACE corpus using a Two-channel beamformerEaton, J; Naylor, PA
5-Oct-2015Reverberation time estimation on the ACE corpus using the SDD methodEaton, J; Naylor, PA
19-Apr-2015Direct-to-reverberant ratio estimation using a null-steered beamformerEaton, J; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA; Skoglund, J
5-Mar-2017Robust spherical harmonic domain interpolation of spatially sampled array manifoldsMoore, AH; Brookes, D; Naylor, PA; Commission of the European Communities; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
5-Mar-2017Improving the perceptual quality of ideal binary masked speechLightburn, L; De Sena, E; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA; Brookes, D, et al
20-Mar-2016Acoustic simultaneous localization and mapping (A-SLAM) of a moving microphone array and its surrounding speakersEvers, C; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA; Commission of the European Communities
1-Mar-2017Multi-source estimation consistency for improved multiple direction-of-arrival estimationHafezi, S; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA; Commission of the European Communities
1-Mar-2017Microphone array signal processing for robot auditionLöllmann, HW; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA; Rafaely, B; Horaud, R, et al
18-Oct-2015The ACE Challenge - corpus description and performance evaluationEaton, J; Gaubitch, ND; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA
1-Jan-2013Noise-robust reverberation time estimation using spectral decay distributions with reduced computational costEaton, J; Gaubitch, ND; Naylor, PA