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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010Increasing Distributed Generation Penetration using Soft Normally-Open PointsBloemink, JM; Green, TC
1-Dec-2010Analysis of Scalable Rectenna Configurations for Harvesting High Frequency Ambient RadiationPinuela, M; Mitcheson, PD; Lucyszyn, S
1-Dec-2010Decentralised Control for Damping Multi-Modal Oscillations through CSC/VSC Based HVDC Transmission TechnologiesPipelzadeh, Y; Chaudhuri, B; Green, TC
6-Jul-2016A note on the electrical equivalent of the moment theoryScarciotti, G; Astolfi, A; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
1-Jan-2010Fault Response of Grid-Connected Inverter Dominated NetworksPlet, CA; Graovac, M; Green, TC; Iravani, R
1-Jan-2011Coordinated Damping Control Through Multiple HVDC Systems: A Decentralized ApproachPipelzadeh, Y; Chaudhuri, B; Green, TC
1-Jan-2010Towards One Shot Learning by Imitation for Humanoid RobotsWu, Y; Demiris, Y; Rakotondrabe, M; Ivan, IA
9-Sep-2014Low Complexity Adaptive Transmission Scheme for Cooperative Networks with Decode-and-Forward RelayMohammadi Amiri, M; Olfat, A
24-Aug-2014Model predictive Control: a passive schemeFalugi, P
8-Jun-2015Smart Meter Privacy with an Energy Harvesting Device and Instantaneous Power ConstraintsGiaconi, G; Gunduz, D; Poor, HV