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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2018On perfect privacyRassouli, B; Gunduz, D;
7-Sep-2018Gaussian multiple access channels with one-bit quantizer at the receiverRassouli, B; Varasteh, M; Gunduz, D; , et al
20-Oct-2016Transparent In-Circuit Assertions for FPGAsHung, E; Todman, T; Luk, W; , et al
1-Nov-2018PV system control to provide active power reserves under partial shading conditionsBatzelis, E; Stavros, P; Pal, BC;
8-Jul-2013Controlling the neuronal balancing act: optical coactivation of excitation and inhibition in neuronal subdomainsNikolic, K; Jarvis, S; Schultz, S; Grossman, N; , et al
5-May-2016A domain specific approach to high performance heterogeneous computingThomas, DB; Inggs, G; Luk, W; , et al
1-Jan-2019Whole-system assessment of the benefits of integrated electricity and heat systemZhang, X; Strbac, G; Shah, N; Teng, F; Pudjianto, D, et al
29-Oct-2016Incorporating failures of System Protection Schemes into power system operationCalvo, JL; Tindemans, SH; Strbac, G; , et al
24-Aug-2016Functional neuroimaging Using UWB Impulse Radar: a feasibility studyLauteslager, T; Nicolaou, N; Lande, TS; Constandinou, TG; , et al
31-Jul-2018Automatic software and computing hardware co-design for predictive controlKhusainov, B; Kerrigan, EC; Constantinides, G; , et al