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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Aug-2018On perfect privacyRassouli, B; Gunduz, D;
31-Jul-2017Cache-aided data delivery over erasure broadcast channelsAmiri, MM; Gunduz, D;
7-Sep-2018Gaussian multiple access channels with one-bit quantizer at the receiverRassouli, B; Varasteh, M; Gunduz, D; , et al
6-Mar-2017Decentralized coded caching with distinct cache capacitiesMohammadi Amiri, M; Yang; Gunduz, D;
21-May-2017Cache-aided data delivery over erasure broadcast channelsMohammadi Amiri, M; Gunduz, D;
17-Nov-2017Mobility and popularity-aware coded small-cell cachingOzfatura, E; Gunduz, D;
16-Nov-2017Communication over a time correlated channel with an energy harvesting transmitterAbad, MSH; Gunduz, D; Ercetin, O;
25-Oct-2018Social learning for resilient data fusion against data falsification attacksRosas De Andraca, F; Chen, K-C; Gunduz, D;
1-Jun-2018Coded caching and content delivery with heterogeneous distortion requirementsYang, Q; Gunduz, D;
16-Aug-2018On the capacity region of a cache-aided Gaussian broadcast channel with multi-layer messagesAmiri, MM; Gunduz, D;