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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2015A low complexity scaling method for the Lanczos Kernel in fixed-point arithmeticJerez, JL; Constantinides, GA; Kerrigan, EC
1-Apr-2015UAV energy extraction with incomplete atmospheric data using MPCLiu, Y; Van Schijndel, J; Longo, S; Kerrigan, EC
15-Jul-2011Flow estimation of boundary layers using DNS-based wall shear informationJones, BL; Kerrigan, EC; Morrison, JF; Zaki, TA
1-Dec-2011A parallel formulation for predictive control with nonuniform hold constraintsLongo, S; Kerrigan, EC; Ling, KV; Constantinides, GA
1-Jul-2015Latching-Declutching Control of Wave Energy Converters Using Derivative-Free OptimizationFeng, Z; Kerrigan, EC
1-Jan-2011An efficient algorithm for the solution of a coupled Sylvester equation appearing in descriptor systemsShahzad, A; Jones, BL; Kerrigan, EC; Constantinides, GA
18-Oct-2012Control-theoretic forward error analysis of iterative numerical algorithmsHasan, A; Kerrigan, EC; Constantinides, GA
27-Mar-2012A sparse and condensed QP formulation for predictive control of LTI systemsJerez, JL; Kerrigan, EC; Constantinides, GA
20-Nov-2013Constrained LQR for low-precision data representationLongo, S; Kerrigan, EC; Constantinides, GA; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
18-Jul-2013Predictive control using an FPGA with application to aircraft controlHartley, EN; Jerez, JL; Suardi, A; Maciejowski, JM; Kerrigan, EC, et al