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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Aug-2016Corrective control with transient assistive measures: value assessment for Great Britain transmission systemPIpelzadeh, Y; Moreno, R; Chaudhuri, B; Strbac, G; Green, T, et al
11-Aug-2016Coordinated corrective control for transient stability enhancement in future Great Britain transmission systemMartinez Sanz, I; Chaudhuri, B; Strbac, G; National Grid Electricity Transmission Plc
14-Nov-2016Distributed vs. Concentrated Rapid Frequency Response Provision in Future Great Britain SystemMartınez-Sanz, IM; Chaudhuri, B; Junyent-Ferre, A; Trovato, V; Strbac, G, et al
28-Sep-2016Advanced control of thermostatic loads for rapid frequency response in Great BritainTrovato, V; Martinez Sanz, I; Chaudhuri, B; Strbac, G; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
1-Jan-2013Corrective Control through HVDC Links: A Case Study on GB Equivalent SystemSanz, IM; Chaudhuri, B; Strbac, G
29-Aug-2014Inertial Response From Offshore Wind Farms Connected Through DC GridsSanz, IM; Chaudhuri, B; Strbac, G