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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Apr-2015Direct-to-reverberant ratio estimation using a null-steered beamformerEaton, J; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA; Skoglund, J
4-Sep-2015Noise Robust Blind System Identification Algorithms Based On A Rayleigh Quotient Cost FunctionHu, M; Doclo, S; Sharma, D; Brookes, D; Naylor, P
24-Apr-2015SOBM - a binary mask for noisy speech that optimises an objective intelligibility metricLightburn, L; Brookes, M
4-Sep-2015Data-Driven Statistical Modelling of Room Impulse Responses in the Power DomainDoire, C; Brookes, D; Naylor, P; Jensen, SH
19-Oct-2010A New Hybrid Multi-Level Voltage-Sourced Converter with DC Fault Blocking CapabilityMerlin, MMC; Green, TC; Mitcheson, PD; Trainer, D; Critchley, R, et al
7-Jul-2013Modelling muscle spindle dynamics for a proprioceptive prosthesisWilliams, I; Constandinou, TG
15-May-2017Energy-efficient wireless content delivery with proactive cachingSomuyiwa, S; Gyorgy, A; Gunduz, D; Commission of the European Communities
17-Dec-2010Suppression of Burst Oscillations in Racing MotorcyclesEvangelou, SA; Limebeer, DJN; Tomas-Rodriguez, M
1-Jan-2014Evaluating the use of line length for automatic sleep spindle detectionImtiaz, SA; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Feb-2017Safety layer for an insulin delivery systemHerrero Vinas, P; Pesl, P; Reddy, M; El Sharkawy, M; Toumazou, C, et al