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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2017Energy-efficient wireless content delivery with proactive cachingSomuyiwa, S; Gyorgy, A; Gunduz, D; Commission of the European Communities
17-Dec-2010Suppression of Burst Oscillations in Racing MotorcyclesEvangelou, SA; Limebeer, DJN; Tomas-Rodriguez, M
1-Jan-2014Evaluating the use of line length for automatic sleep spindle detectionImtiaz, SA; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
1-Feb-2017Safety layer for an insulin delivery systemHerrero Vinas, P; Pesl, P; Reddy, M; El Sharkawy, M; Toumazou, C, et al
23-Aug-2015Optically tunable THz frequency metamaterial absorberHu, F; Otter, W; Lucyszyn, S
5-Mar-2017Multiple source localization using estimation consistency in the time-frequency domainHafezi, S; Moore, AH; Naylor, P; Commission of the European Communities
5-Mar-2017Robust spherical harmonic domain interpolation of spatially sampled array manifoldsMoore, AH; Brookes, D; Naylor, PA; Commission of the European Communities; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
5-Mar-2017Improving the perceptual quality of ideal binary masked speechLightburn, L; De Sena, E; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA; Brookes, D, et al
20-Mar-2016Acoustic simultaneous localization and mapping (A-SLAM) of a moving microphone array and its surrounding speakersEvers, C; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA; Commission of the European Communities
1-Mar-2017Multi-source estimation consistency for improved multiple direction-of-arrival estimationHafezi, S; Moore, AH; Naylor, PA; Commission of the European Communities