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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013A Humanoid Robot Companion for Wheelchair UsersSarabia, M; Demiris, Y; Herrmann, G; Pearson, MJ; Lenz, A, et al
31-Aug-2013Towards Active Event RecognitionOgnibene, D; Demiris, Y
31-Dec-2010Towards Anthropomorphic Robot ThereministWu, Y; Kuvinichkul, P; Cheung, PYK; Demiris, Y
30-Nov-2013Online quantum mixture regression for trajectory learning by demonstrationKorkinof, D; Demiris, Y
1-Jan-2013When and how to help: An iterative probabilistic model for learning assistance by demonstrationSoh, H; Demiris, Y
24-Sep-2011A conversational system for multi-session child-robot interaction with several gamesKruijff-Korbayová, I; Cuayáhuitl, H; Kiefer, B; Schröder, M; Racioppa, S, et al
31-May-2010Impact of Human Communication in a Multi-teacher, Multi-robot Learning by Demonstration System.Martins, MF; Demiris, Y
31-Oct-2012Towards Early Mobility Independence: An Intelligent Paediatric Wheelchair with Case StudiesSoh, H; Demiris, Y
31-Mar-2011Involving Young Children in the Design of a Safe, Smart Paediatric WheelchairSoh, H; Demiris, Y
1-Jan-2013Creative Dance: An Approach for Social Interaction between Robots and ChildrenRos, R; Demiris, Y; Salah, AA; Hung, H; Aran, O, et al