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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-May-2010Learning multirobot joint action plans from simultaneous task execution demonstrations.Martins, MF; Demiris, Y
1-Jan-2011Towards Incremental Learning of Task-dependent Action Sequences using Probabilistic ParsingLee, K; Demiris, Y
31-Aug-2015One-shot assistance estimation from expert demonstrations for a shared control wheelchair systemKucukyilmaz, A; Demiris, Y; Commission of the European Communities
7-Jan-2019Transferring visuomotor learning from simulation to the real world for robotics manipulation tasksNguyen, P; Fischer, T; Chang, HJ; Pattacini, U; Metta, G, et al
21-May-2018Augmented reality for feedback in a shared control spraying taskElsdon, J; Demiris, Y
7-Jun-2015Unsupervised Learning of Complex Articulated Kinematic Structures combining Motion and Skeleton InformationChang, HJ; Demiris, Y
1-Dec-2016Multimodal Imitation using Self-learned Sensorimotor RepresentationsZambelli, M; Demiris, Y; Commission of the European Communities
16-May-2016Markerless Perspective Taking for Humanoid Robots in Unconstrained EnvironmentsFischer, T; Demiris, Y; Commission of the European Communities
1-Oct-2018Real-time workload classification during driving using hyperNetworksWang, R; Amadori, P; Demiris, Y
12-Dec-2016Kinematic structure correspondences via hypergraph matchingChang, HJ; Fischer, T; Petit, M; Zambelli, M; Demiris, Y, et al