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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Aug-2015An open-source toolbox for standardized use of PhysioNet Sleep EDF Expanded Database.Imtiaz, SA; Rodriguez-Villegas, E;
25-Aug-2015Automatic sleep staging using state machine-controlled decision trees.Imtiaz, SA; Rodriguez-Villegas, E;
11-Nov-2015Continuity and Monotonicity of the MPC Value Function with respect to Sampling Time and Prediction HorizonBachtiar, V; Kerrigan, EC; Moase, WH; Manzie, C;
24-May-2016L∞ estimates on trajectories confined to a closed subset, for control systems with bounded time variationBettiol, P; Vinter, RB;
17-Nov-2017Mobility and popularity-aware coded small-cell cachingOzfatura, E; Gunduz, D;
24-Mar-2016Detection and mitigation of signaling storms in mobile networksGelenbe, E; Abdelrahman, OH; Gorbil, G;
6-Oct-2016On the Capacity of Vector Gaussian Channels With Bounded InputsRassouli, B; Clerckx, B;
1-May-2018Energy shaping control for buck-boost converters with unknown constant power loadHe, W; Soriano-Rangel, CA; Ortega, R; Astolfi, A; Mantilla-David, F, et al
25-Jun-2019Simulation-driven fixed-order controller tuning via moment matchingBreschi, V; Formentin, S; Scarciotti, G; Astolfi, A;
25-Jan-2016A single-channel non-intrusive C50 estimator correlated with speech recognition performanceParada, PP; Sharma, D; Lainez, J; Barreda, D; Van Waterschoot, T, et al