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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2018Caching and coded delivery over Gaussian broadcast channels for energy efficiencyMohammadi Amiri, M; Gunduz, D; Commission of the European Communities
1-Dec-2017Zero-delay source-channel coding with a one-bit ADC front end and correlated receiver side informationVarasteh, M; Rassouli, B; Simeone, O; Gunduz, D; British Council (UK), et al
5-Jan-2019A manifesto for future generation cloud computing: research directions for the next decadeBuyya, R; Srirama, S; Casale, G; Calheiros, R; Simmhan, Y, et al
1-Jul-2019A state-space dynamic model for photovoltaic systems with full ancillary services supportBatzelis, E; Anagnostou, G; Cole, I; Betts, T; Pal, B, et al
-Optimality and passivity of input-quadratic nonlinear systemsSassano, M; Astolfi, A; Commission of the European Communities