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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2012Model predictive control for deeply pipelined field-programmable gate array implementation: algorithms and circuitryJerez, JL; Ling, KV; Constantinides, GA; Kerrigan, EC; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
1-Aug-2012A Semidefinite Relaxation-Based Algorithm for Robust Attitude EstimationAhmed, S; Kerrigan, EC; Jaimoukha, IM; Luo, ZQ
9-Jul-2017Software and hardware code generation for predictive control using splitting methodsShukla, H; Khusainov, B; Kerrigan, EC; Jones, CN; Commission of the European Communities
8-Aug-2016Analytical results for the multi-objective design of model-predictive controlBachtiar, V; Manzie, C; Moase, WH; Kerrigan, EC; Commission of the European Communities
17-Dec-2015Sensitivity-based multistep MPC for embedded systemsPalma, V; Suardi, A; Kerrigan, EC
11-Nov-2015Continuity and Monotonicity of the MPC Value Function with respect to Sampling Time and Prediction HorizonBachtiar, V; Kerrigan, EC; Moase, WH; Manzie, C; Commission of the European Communities
22-Sep-2016Noise Covariance Identification for Time-varying and Nonlinear SystemsGe, M; Kerrigan, EC
31-Aug-2017Structured computation of optimal controls for constrained cascade systemsCantoni, M; Farokhi, F; Kerrigan, EC; Shames, I
29-Dec-2015Explicit MPC: hard constraint satisfaction under low precision arithmeticSuardi, A; Longo, S; Kerrigan, EC; Constantinides, GA; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
1-Apr-2018Optimizing communication and computation for multi-UAV information gathering applicationsThammawichai, M; Baliyarasimhuni, SP; Kerrigan, EC; Sousa, JB