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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Apr-2018When edge meets learning: adaptive control for resource-constrained distributed machine learningLeung, KK; Wang, S; Tuor, T; Salonidis, T; Makaya, C, et al
18-Jul-2016Network capability in localizing node failures via end-to-end path measurementsMa, L; He, T; Swami, A; Towsley, D; Leung, KK, et al
22-Dec-2016QoI-aware Tradeoff Between Communication and Computation in Wireless Ad-hoc NetworksLeung, KK; Nazemi, S; Swami, A; IBM United Kingdom Ltd
26-Apr-2019Optimal energy consumption with communication, computation, caching and quality guaranteeZafari, F; Li, J; Leung, KK; Towsley, D; Swami, A, et al
31-Dec-2019Adaptive federated learning in resource constrained edge computing systemsWang, S; Tuor, T; Salonidis, T; Leung, KK; Makaya, C, et al
1-Apr-2017Dynamic service placement for mobile micro-clouds with predicted future costsWang, S; Urgaonkar, R; He, T; Chan, K; Zafer, M, et al
15-Apr-2018Understanding information leakage of distributed inference with deep neural networks: Overview of information theoretic approach and initial resultsTuor, T; Wang, S; Leung, KK; Ko, BJ; Kolodny, MA, et al
4-May-2018Resource management in distributed SDN using reinforcement learningMa, L; Zhang, Z; Ko, B; Srivatsa, M; Leung, KK, et al
4-May-2018Machine learning for dynamic resource allocation at network edgeKo, BJ; Leung, KK; Salonidis, T; Kolodny, MA; Wiegmann, DM, et al
8-Feb-2017Online placement of multi-component applications in edge computing environmentsWang, S; Zafer, M; Leung, KK; IBM United Kingdom Ltd