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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2009Electronic transport in silicon nanocrystals and nanochainsDurrani, ZAK; Rafiq, MA
1-Mar-2008Room temperature single electron charging in single silicon nanochainsRafiq, MA; Durrani, ZAK; Mizuta, H; Colli, A; Servati, P, et al
15-Dec-2008Field-dependant hopping conduction in silicon nanocrystal filmsRafiq, MA; Durrani, ZAK; Mizuta, H; Hassan, MM; Oda, S
31-Dec-2000A high-speed silicon based few-electron memory with metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor gain elementIrvine, AC; Durrani, ZAK; Ahmed, H
1-Nov-2009A Class of Sparseness-Controlled Algorithms for Echo CancellationLoganathan, P; Khong, AWH; Naylor, PA
31-Dec-2004Universal three-way few-electron switch using single-electron transistorsHe, J,; Durrani, Z,; Ahmed, H,
31-Dec-2004Coherent states in a coupled quantum dot nanocrystalline silicon transistorKhalafalla, M A H,; Durrani, Z,; Mizuta, H,
1-Sep-2009Robust Real-Time Super-Resolution on FPGA and an Application to Video EnhancementAngelopoulou, ME; Bouganis, C-S; Cheung, PYK; Constantinides, GA
1-Jan-2009Synthesis and Optimization of 2D Filter Designs for Heterogeneous FPGAsBouganis, C; Constantinides, GA; Cheung, PYK; Park, S,
1-Mar-2008Sparse sampling of signal innovationsBlu, T; Dragotti, P-L; Vetterli, M; Marziliano, P; Coulot, L