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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2011A lyotropic inverse ribbon phase in a branched-chain polyoxyethylene surfactant: pressure effectsShearman, GC; Brooks, NJ; Tiddy, GJT; Sztucki, M; Templer, RH, et al
1-Aug-2010Fluoride-containing bioactive glasses: Effect of glass design and structure on degradation, pH and apatite formation in simulated body fluidBrauer, DS; Karpukhina, N; O'Donnell, MD; Law, RV; Hill, RG
1-Jan-2010MAS-NMR studies of glasses and glass-ceramics based on a clinopyroxene-fluorapatite systemAbo-Mosallam, HA; Hill, RG; Karpukhina, N; Law, RV
1-Jan-2011Hydrostatic pressure effects on a hydrated lipid inverse micellar Fd3m cubic phaseTyler, AII; Shearman, GC; Brooks, NJ; Delacroix, H; Law, RV, et al
15-Mar-2010Influence of magnesia on the structure and properties of bioactive glassesWatts, SJ; Hill, RG; O'Donnell, MD; Law, RV
15-Jul-2008Effect of P2O5 content in two series of soda lime phosphosilicate glasses on structure and properties - Part II: Physical propertiesO'Donnell, MD; Watts, SJ; Law, RV; Hill, RG
1-Mar-2009A long-term study on the setting reaction of glass ionomer cements by Al-27 MAS-NMR spectroscopyZainuddin, N; Karpukhina, N; Hill, RG; Law, RV
30-Dec-2015A microfluidic platform for size-dependent generation of droplet interface bilayer networks on railsCarreras, P; Elani, Y; Law, RV; Brooks, NJ; Seddon, JM, et al
11-Feb-2009A 3-D Hexagonal Inverse Micellar Lyotropic PhaseShearman, GC; Tyler, AII; Brooks, NJ; Templer, RH; Ces, O, et al
1-Jan-2009Drug interactions with lipid membranesSeddon, AM; Casey, D; Law, RV; Gee, A; Templer, RH, et al