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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2018Delivering precision antimicrobial therapy through closed-loop control systemsRawson, T; O'hare, D; Herrero, P; Sharma, S; Moore, L, et al
24-Jan-2019From free text to clusters of content in health records: An unsupervised graph partitioning approachAltuncu, MT; Mayer, E; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M; , et al
9-Nov-2020Ligand-specific factors influencing GLP-1 receptor post-endocytic trafficking and degradation in pancreatic beta cellsJones, B; Fang, Z; Chen, S; Manchanda, Y; Bitsi, S, et al
-Using Aptamers as a Novel Method for Determining GnRH/LH PulsatilityIzzi-Engbeaya, C; Abbara, A; Cass, A; Dhillo, W; , et al
26-Apr-2019Development of a minimally invasive microneedle-based sensor for continuous monitoring of β-lactam antibiotic concentrations in vivoGowers, SAN; Freeman, DME; Rawson, TM; Rogers, ML; Wilson, RC, et al
2020Faecal neutrophil elastase-antiprotease balance reflects colitis severityBarry, R; Ruano-Gallego, D; Radhakrishnan, ST; Lovell, S; Yu, L, et al
1-Sep-2017Towards a minimally invasive device for beta-lactam monitoring in humansRawson, TM; Sharma, S; Georgiou, P; Holmes, A; Cass, A, et al
29-Jan-2019Laparoscopic fluorescence image-guided photothermal therapy enhances cancer diagnosis and treatmentSingh, M; Nabavi, E; Zhou, Y; Gallina, ME; Zhao, H, et al
22-Mar-2022A non-coding RNA balancing act: miR-346-induced DNA damage is limited by the long non-coding RNA NORAD in prostate cancerFletcher, C; Deng, L; Orafidiya, F; Yuan, W; Lorentzen, M, et al