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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2016DROPLAY: laser writing of functional patterns within biological microdroplet displaysChan, CL; Bolognesi, G; Bhandarkar, A; Friddin, M; Brooks, NJ, et al
12-Sep-2016Optically assembled droplet interface bilayer (OptiDIB) networks from cell-sized microdropletsFriddin, MS; Bolognesi, G; Elani, Y; Brooks, N; Law, R, et al
15-Dec-2015Microfluidic processing of concentrated surfactant mixtures: online SAXS, microscopy and rheologyMartin, HP; Brooks, NJ; Seddon, JM; Luckham, PF; Terrill, NJ, et al
16-Mar-2016Vanadyl complexes with dansyl-labelled di-picolinic acid ligands: synthesis, phosphatase inhibition activity and cellular uptake studiesVilar Compte, R; Collins, J; Woscholski, R; Cilibrizzi, A; Leatherbarrow, RJ, et al
14-Dec-2017Rheological Droplet Interface Bilayers (rheo-DIBs): Probing the Unstirred Water Layer Effect on Membrane Permeability via Spinning Disk Induced Shear StressBarlow, NE; Bolognesi, G; Haylock, S; Flemming, AJ; Brooks, NJ, et al
10-May-2017Protein degradation rate is the dominant mechanism accounting for the differences in protein abundance of basal p53 in a human breast and colorectal cancer cell lineLakatos, E; Salehi-Reyhani, S; Barclay, M; Stumpf, M; Klug, D, et al
18-Jan-2017Open source high content analysis utilizing automated fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopyFrench, PMW; Görlitz, F; Kelly, D; Warren, S; Alibhai, D, et al
18-Apr-2016Isothermal Crystallization Kinetics of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate–Water Micellar SolutionsMiller, RM; Poulos, AS; Robles, ESJ; Brooks, NJ; Ces, O, et al
1-Oct-2018Proteins across scales through graph partitioning: application to the major peanut allergen Ara h 1Zhang, H; Salazar, JD; Yaliraki, SN; , et al
15-Jul-2018Building bridges for highly selective, potent and stable oxytocin and vasopressin analogsBeard, R; Stucki, A; Schmitt, M; Py, G; Grundschober, C, et al