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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Microfluidic generation and optical manipulation of ultra-low interfacial tension dropletsBolognesi, G; Hargreaves, A; Ward, AD; Kirby, AK; Neil, M, et al
-Cell-free expression and electrophysiological measurements of the KcsA channel with interdroplet bilayersFriddin, MS; Smithers, N; Lee, T; Morgan, H; De Planque, M
18-Aug-2016The optical assembly of bilayer networks from cell-sized droplets for synthetic biologyFriddin, MS; Bolognesi, G; Elani, Y; Brooks, N; Law, R, et al
1-Aug-2014New vanadium complexes as optical probes to detect Cys sulfenic modifications in PTENCilibrizzi, A; Collins, J; Woscholski, R; Leatherbarrow, R; Vilar, R
26-Oct-2014Microfluidic generation of networked droplet collections and lipid membrane constructsElani, Y; Law, R; Ces, O
2-Feb-2018Probing synaptic amyloid-beta aggregation promoted by copper releaseTahirbegi, B; Magness, AJ; Boillat, A; Willison, KR; Klug, DR, et al
16-Feb-2016Troponin structure and effects of phosphorylation and mutations studied by molecular dynamics simulationsZamora, JE; Sheehan, A; Papadaki, M; Messer, AE; Marston, SB, et al
2-Feb-2016Chemical cross talk studies on a microprobe array based continuous glucose monitoring sensorSharma, S; El-Laboudi, A; Oliver, N; Johnston, DJ; Cass, AEG, et al
1-Jul-2019Abstract 1775: Targeting RSK4 prevents both chemoresistance and metastasis in lung cancerChrysostomou, S; Roy, R; Prischi, F; Chapman, K; Mufti, U, et al