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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2020Bat IFITM3 restriction depends on S-palmitoylation and a polymorphic site within the CD225 domainBenfield, CT; MacKenzie, F; Ritzefeld, M; Mazzon, M; Weston, S, et al
Jan-2020The molecular function of kallikrein-related peptidase 14 demonstrates a key modulatory role in advanced prostate cancerKryza, T; Bock, N; Lovell, S; Rockstroh, A; Lehman, ML, et al
19-Mar-2020Development of photocrosslinking probes based on Huwentoxin-IV to map the site of interaction on Nav1.7Tzakoniati, F; Xu, H; Garcia, N; Kugel, C; Payandeh, J, et al
4-Feb-2020Structure-guided design and in-cell target profiling of a cell-active target engagement probe for PARP inhibitorsHoward, RT; Hemsley, P; Petteruti, P; Saunders, CN; Molina Bermejo, JA, et al
28-Jan-2020Single-molecule nanopore sensing of actin dynamics and drug bindingWang, X; Wilkinson, MD; Lin, X; Ren, R; Willison, KR, et al
Apr-2020Membrane functionalization in artificial cell engineeringHindley, JW; Law, RV; Ces, O;
3-Aug-2020A TDDFT investigation of the Photosystem II reaction center: Insights into the precursors to charge separationKavanagh, MA; Karlsson, JK; Colburn, JD; Barter, LM; Gould, IR
17-Sep-2020Size dependency of gold nanoparticles interacting with model membranesContini, C; Hindley, J; Macdonald, T; Barritt, J; Ces, O, et al
28-Oct-2020Design, synthesis and evaluation of a tripodal receptor for phosphatidylinositol phosphatesVilar Compte, R; Reeh, K; Summers, P; Gould, I; Woscholski, R, et al
9-Nov-2020Ligand-specific factors influencing GLP-1 receptor post-endocytic trafficking and degradation in pancreatic beta cellsJones, B; Fang, Z; Chen, S; Manchanda, Y; Bitsi, S, et al