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8-Apr-20162-Arylacetamido-4-phenylamino-5-substituted pyridazinones as formyl peptide receptors agonistsVergelli, C; Schepetkin, IA; Ciciani, G; Cilibrizzi, A; Crocetti, L, et al
11-Feb-2009A 3-D Hexagonal Inverse Micellar Lyotropic PhaseShearman, GC; Tyler, AII; Brooks, NJ; Templer, RH; Ces, O, et al
21-May-2020A caged E3 ligase ligand for PROTAC-mediated protein degradation with lightKounde, C; Shchepinova, M; Saunders, C; Muelbaier, M; Rackham, M, et al
14-Jul-2018A case of extensive protein platination: the reaction of lysozyme with a Pt(ii)-terpyridine complexFerraro, G; Marzo, T; Infrasca, T; Cilibrizzi, A; Vilar, R, et al
28-Oct-2016A cell-permeable biscyclooctyne as a novel probe for the identification of protein sulfenic acidsMcGarry, DJ; Shchepinova, MM; Lilla, S; Hartley, RC; Olson, MF
4-Jan-2017A combined X-ray scattering and simulation study of halothane in membranes at raised pressuresMcCarthy, NL; Brooks, NJ; Tyler, AII; ElGamacy, M; Welche, P, et al
15-Feb-2019A computational study of Anthracyclines interacting with lipid bilayers: Correlation of membrane insertion rates, orientation effects and localisation with cytotoxicityGould, I; Toroz, D;
23-Feb-2011A first step towards practical single cell proteomics: a microfluidic antibody capture chip with TIRF detectionSalehi-Reyhani, A; Kaplinsky, J; Burgin, E; Novakova, M; deMello, AJ, et al
1-Feb-2012A fluorescence-based assay for N-myristoyltransferase activityGoncalves, V; Brannigan, JA; Thinon, E; Olaleye, TO; Serwa, R, et al
16-Jan-2018A high-throughput in vitro translation screen towards discovery of novel antimalarial protein translation inhibitorsBaumann, H; Matthews, H; Li, M; Hu, JJ; Willison, K, et al
18-Oct-2016A lipophilic copper(II) complex as an optical probe for intracellular detection of NOVilar Compte, R; Wilson, N; Mak, LH; Cilibrizzi, A; Gee, AD, et al
1-Mar-2009A long-term study on the setting reaction of glass ionomer cements by Al-27 MAS-NMR spectroscopyZainuddin, N; Karpukhina, N; Hill, RG; Law, RV
1-Jan-2011A lyotropic inverse ribbon phase in a branched-chain polyoxyethylene surfactant: pressure effectsShearman, GC; Brooks, NJ; Tiddy, GJT; Sztucki, M; Templer, RH, et al
30-Dec-2015A microfluidic platform for size-dependent generation of droplet interface bilayer networks on railsCarreras, P; Elani, Y; Law, RV; Brooks, NJ; Seddon, JM, et al
16-Jan-2012A New Chemical Handle for Protein AMPylation at the Host-Pathogen InterfaceBroncel, M; Serwa, RA; Tate, EW
1-Dec-2018A novel assay format as an alternative to ELISA: MINA test for biotinPiletsky, SS; Cass, AEG; Piletska, EV; Czulak, J; Piletsky, SA
11-Jun-2020A novel Aβ40 assembly at physiological concentrationYing, L; Tahirbegi, B; Magness, A; Piersimoni, M; Knopfel, T, et al
14-May-2018A pilot study in humans of microneedle sensor arrays for continuous glucose monitoringSharma, S; El-Laboudi, A; Reddy, M; Jugnee, N; Sivasubramaniyam, S, et al
18-Mar-2008A pressure-jump time-resolved x-ray diffraction study of cubic-cubic transition kinetics in monooleinConn, CE; Ces, O; Squires, AM; Mulet, X; Winter, R, et al
17-Nov-2017A redox-activated G-quadruplex DNA binder based on a platinum(IV)-salphen complex.Vilar, R; Bandeira, S; Gonzalez Garcia, J; Pensa, E; Albrecht, T
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 375