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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jan-2016Financial impacts of UK's energy and climate change policies on commercial and industrial businessesAng, CP; Toper, B; Gambhir, A
13-Feb-2015Reducing China’s road transport sector CO2 emissions to 2050: Technologies, costs and decomposition analysisGambhir, A; Tse, LKC; Tong, D; Martinez-Botas, R
1-Dec-2018How long does innovation and commercialisation in the energy sectors take? Historical case studies of the timescale from invention to widespread commercialisation in energy supply and end use technologyGross, R; Hanna, RF; Gambhir, A; Heptonstall, P; Speirs, J, et al
1-Aug-2013A hybrid modelling approach to develop scenarios for China's carbon dioxide emissions to 2050Gambhir, A; Schulz, N; Napp, T; Tong, D; Munuera, L, et al
1-Jan-2019Energy system changes in 1.5 °C, well below 2 °C and 2 °C scenariosGambhir, A; Rogelj, J; Luderer, G; Few, S; Napp, T, et al
15-Mar-2019The role of advanced demand-sector technologies and energy demand reduction in achieving ambitious carbon budgetsNapp, TA; Few, S; Sood, A; Bernie, D; Hawkes, A, et al
5-May-2016Off-grid solar photovoltaic systems for rural electrification and emissions mitigation in IndiaSandwell, P; Chan, NLA; Foster, S; Nagpal, D; Emmott, CJM, et al
5-Jan-2018Prospective improvements in cost and cycle life of off-grid lithium-ion battery packs: An analysis informed by expert elicitationsFew, SPM; Schmidt, O; Offer, GJ; Brandon, N; Nelson, J, et al
13-Jan-2017Assessing the feasibility of global long-term mitigation scenariosGambhir, A; Drouet, L; McCollum, D; Napp, T; Bernie, D, et al
1-Dec-2014India's CO2 emissions pathways to 2050: Energy system, economic and fossil fuel impacts with and without carbon permit tradingGambhir, A; Napp, TA; Emmott, CJM; Anandarajah, G