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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2015An assessment of CCS risk analysis mechanisms used by EU commissionOraee-Mirzamani, B
1-Dec-2009Fuel cell micro-CHP techno-economics: Part 1-model concept and formulationHawkes, AD; Brett, DJL; Brandon, NP
1-Jun-2006Techno-economic modelling of a solid oxide fuel cell stack for micro combined heat and powerHawkes, AD; Aguiar, P; Hernandez-Aramburo, CA; Leach, MA; Brandon, NP, et al
5-Jul-2014Managing the effects of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems under water scarcity. The GLOBAQUA projectNavarro-Ortega, A; Acuna, V; Bellin, A; Burek, P; Cassiani, G, et al
25-Feb-2009A model for flow in the chalk unsaturated zone incorporating progressive weatheringIreson, AM; Mathias, SA; Wheater, HS; Butler, AP; Finch, J
28-Jul-2008A spatially explicit whole-system model of the lignocellulosic bioethanol supply chain: an assessment of decentralised processing potentialDunnett, AJ; Adjiman, CS; Shah, N
1-Jun-2015Green-field Architecture for Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy FormulationRadanliev, P
28-Sep-2015Global biogeography of human infectious diseasesMurray, KA; Preston, N; Allen, T; Zambrana-Torrelio, C; Hosseini, PR, et al
9-Oct-2015A Potential Vorticity Signature for the Cold Sector of Winter Extratropical CyclonesVanniere, B; Czaja, A; Dacre, H; Woollings, T; Parfitt, R, et al
1-Jan-2010Comparative analysis of battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and hybrid vehicles in a future sustainable road transport systemOffer, G.J.; Howey, D.A.; Contestabile, M.; Clague, R.; Brandon, N.P.