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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jan-2013The effect of quantization on the FCIQMC sign problemKolodrubetz, MH; Spencer, JS; Clark, BK; Foulkes, WMC
27-Sep-2012The sign problem and population dynamics in the full configuration interaction quantum Monte Carlo methodSpencer, JS; Blunt, NS; Foulkes, WMC
12-Sep-2016Tight-Binding Models and Coulomb Interactions for s, p, and d ElectronsFoulkes, WMC; Pavarini, E; Koch, E; Van den Brink, J; Sawatzky, G
17-Nov-2015Open-Source Development Experiences in Scientific Software: The HANDE Quantum Monte Carlo ProjectSpencer, JS; Blunt, NS; Vigor, WA; Malone, FD; Foulkes, WMC, et al
15-Dec-2003Quantum Monte Carlo investigations of density functional theory of the strongly inhomogeneous electron gasNekovee, M; Foulkes, WMC; Needs, RJ
14-Sep-2015Systematic study of finite-size effects in quantum Monte Carlo calculations of real metallic systemsAzadi, S; Foulkes, WMC
1-Feb-2016Hubbard-like Hamiltonians for interacting electrons in s, p, and d orbitalsCoury, MEA; Dudarev, SL; Foulkes, WMC; Horsfield, AP; Ma, P-W, et al
24-Dec-2019Efficient method for grand-canonical twist averaging in quantum Monte Carlo calculationsAzadi, S; Foulkes, WMC;
6-Jul-2018A two-phase Hessian approach improves the DFT relaxation of slabsDavies, PAG; Foulkes, WMC
22-Feb-2006Improved many-electron wavefunctions from plasmon normal modesWood, B; Foulkes, WMC