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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jan-2018Broadband tunable THz absorption with singular graphene metasurfacesGaliffi, E; Pendry, JB; Huidobro, PA; , et al
15-Feb-2019Computing one-dimensional metasurfacesPendry, JB; Huidobro, PA; Ding, K;
1-Nov-2017Terahertz particle-in-liquid sensing with spoof surface plasmon polariton waveguidesMa, Z; Hanham, SM; Huidobro, PA; Gong, Y; Hong, M, et al
15-Sep-2018Transformation optics approach to singular metasurfacesYang, F; Huidobro, PA; Pendry, JB; , et al
19-Apr-2016Graphene as a Tunable Anisotropic or Isotropic Plasmonic MetasurfaceHuidobro, PA; Kraft, M; Maier, SA; Pendry, JB; , et al
3-Apr-2014Magnetic Localized Surface PlasmonsHuidobro, PA; Shen, X; Cuerda, J; Moreno, E; Martin-Moreno, L, et al
19-Jul-2019Broadband nonreciprocal THz amplification in luminal graphene metasurfacesGaliffi, E; Huidobro, PA; Pendry, JB
1-Mar-2020Manipulating topological valley modes in plasmonic metasurfacesProctor, M; Huidobro, PA; Maier, SA; Craster, RV; Makwana, MP, et al
1-Aug-2019Bulk-edge correspondence and long range hopping in the topological plasmonic chainPocock, S; Huidobro, PA; Giannini, V
18-Apr-2019Nonlocal effects in singular plasmonic metasurfacesYang, F; Wang, Y-T; Huidobro, PA; Pendry, JB; , et al