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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jan-2010Aiding the design of radiation resistant materials with multiphysics simulations of damage processesRace, CP; Mason, DR; le Page, J; Finnis, MW; Foulkes, WMC, et al
31-Mar-2016Calculation of the current response in a nanojunction for an arbitrary time-dependent bias: application to the molecular wireMacKinnon, A; Ridley, M; Kantorovich, L
1-May-2003Transport via a quantum shuttleMacKinnon, A; Armour, AD
1-May-2003Quantum interference and inelastic scattering in a which-way deviceMacKinnon, A; Armour, AD
21-Nov-2016Improving the radiation hardness of space solar cells via nanophotonic light trappingMellor, AV; Hylton, N; Wellens, C; Thomas, T; Al-Saleh, Y, et al
29-Apr-2017Sheet-like chiro-optical material designs based C(Y) surfacesSaba, M; Robisch, AL; Thiel, M; Hess, O; Schroeder-Turk, GE
29-Feb-2016Principles of plasmonic imagingDemetriadou, A; Kornyshev, A
25-Jul-2016Anomalous spectral shift of near- and far-field plasmonic resonances in nano-gapsLombardi, A; Demetriadou, A; Weller, L; Benz, F; Chikkaraddy, R, et al
17-Sep-2016Anomalous spectral shifts in extreme plasmonic nano-cavitiesDemetriadou, A; Lombardi, A; Mertens, J; Hess, O; Aizpurua, J, et al
25-Jul-2016Anomalous spectral shifts in plasmonic nano-cavitiesDemetriadou, A; Lombardi, A; Mertens, J; Hess, O; Baumberg, J, et al