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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2020Manipulating topological valley modes in plasmonic metasurfacesProctor, M; Huidobro, PA; Maier, SA; Craster, RV; Makwana, MP, et al
14-Mar-2020Generation of plasmonic hot carriers from d-bands in metallic nanoparticlesCastellanos, LR; Kahk, JM; Hess, O; Lischner, J; , et al
4-Mar-2020The range of non-Kitaev terms and fractional particles in alpha-RuCl3Wang, Y; Osterhoudt, GB; Tian, Y; Lampen-Kelley, P; Banerjee, A, et al
24-Sep-2020Near- and far-field excitation of topological plasmonic metasurfacesProctor, M; Xiao, X; Craster, RV; Maier, SA; Giannini, V, et al
31-Jul-2020Shrinking the surface plasmonYang, F; Ding, K; Pendry, J;
1-Apr-2021The mechanics and physics of high-speed dislocations: a critical reviewGurrutxaga Lerma, B; Verschueren, J; Sutton, A; Dini, D;
21-Apr-2021Neural systems under change of scaleFagerholm, ED; Foulkes, W; Gallero-Salas, Y; Helmchen, F; Friston, KJ, et al
5-Aug-2020Dynamics of a two-dimensional quantum spin-orbital liquid: spectroscopic signatures of fermionic magnonsNatori, WMH; Knolle, J;
24-Apr-2020Quantum many-body scars in optical latticesZhao, H; Vovrosh, J; Mintert, F; Knolle, J;
24-Feb-2020Identifying potential re-entrant circuit locations from atrial fibre maps.Falkenberg, M; Hickey, D; Terrill, L; Ciacci, A; Peters, NS, et al