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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2020Analogical creative thinking and its application to engineering design and enterpriseChilds, Peter; Aurisicchio, Marco; Mi, Pengfei;
Oct-2018Brain mechanics at loading rates relevant to blastGhajari, Mazdak; Pangonis, Richard;
Sep-2020Cavitation in blast induced traumatic brain injury: the occurrence, mechanism, threshold and implicationGhajari, Mazdak; Nanayakkara, Thrishantha; Yu, Xiancheng;
Jun-2018Combinational creativity and computational creativityChilds, Peter; Aurisicchio, Marco; Han, Ji
May-2016Combining quantitative and qualitative aspects of problem structuring in computational morphological analysisChilds, Peter; Garvey, Bruce
Jun-2020Data-driven and machine learning based design creativityChilds, Peter; Chen, Liuqing
Aug-2018A data-driven text mining and semantic network analysis for design information retrievalChilds, Peter; Aurisicchio, Marco; Shi, Feng;
May-2022Design and training of deep reinforcement learning agentsKormushev, Petar; Davison, Andrew; Pardo, Fabio;
May-2022Design for human connectivity - an exploration through contemporary work SituationsBaxter, Weston; Aurisicchio, Marco; Mandeno, Peter;
Mar-2017Designing circular possessions: exploring human-object relationships in the circular economyChilds, Peter; Aurisicchio, Marco; Baxter, Weston L
Jan-2019Development and validation of a product creativity evaluation framework for the assessment of functional consumer productsChilds, Peter; Hazeri, Kamyar
Feb-2021Electrochemical metal 3D printingWu, Billy; Childs, Peter; Chen, Xiaolong;
Apr-2020Enhancing entrepreneurial innovation through industry-led accelerators: corporate-new venture dynamics and organizational redesign in a port maritime ecosystemChilds, Peter; Perkmann, Markus; Garcia-Herrera, Cristobal;
Apr-2019Entrepreneurial Design Studies for Agile Product Design in Technological Start-upsChilds, Peter; Aurisicchio, Marco; Gronneberg, Gr√łnneberg Ipiales Inty;
Nov-2019The experiential dimension of sustainable materialsAurisicchio, Marco; Wu, Billy; Bin Bahrudin, Fadzli Irwan;
Apr-2021Functional mechanical metamaterials - development of programmable mechanical structuresMyant, Connor; Childs, Peter; Waheed, Mohammad Usman;
Oct-2018A fuzzy front end model for concurrent specification in new product developmentChilds, Peter; Aurisicchio, Marco; Park, Dongmyung
Feb-2021Human-in-the-loop design with machine learningChilds, Peter; Guo, Yi-Ke; Wang, Pan;
May-2021Improving binaural audio techniques for augmented realityPicinali, Lorenzo; Goodman, Daniel; Engel Alonso-Martinez, Juan Isaac;
Jul-2021Investigating the role of infill structures on the shape memory effect of shape memory polymers in additive manufacturingMyant, Connor; Wu, Billy; Choi, Jiwoo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 34