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2-Jan-2020Accounting for measurement error to assess the effect of air pollution on omics signalsPonzi, E; Vineis, P; Chung, K; Blangiardo, M;
2-May-2020Asthma and COVID-19: is asthma a risk factor for severe outcomes?Johnston, SL;
10-Apr-2020Bronchial mucosal inflammation and illness severity in response to experimental rhinovirus infection in COPDZhu, J; Mallia, P; Footitt, J; Yusheng, Q; Message, SD, et al
3-Jul-2017Complexity science for sleep stage classification from EEGNakamura, T; Adjei, T; Alqurashi, Y; Looney, D; Morrell, M, et al
17-Mar-2020Crucial role for lung iron level and regulation in the pathogenesis and severity of asthma.Ali, MK; Kim, RY; Brown, AC; Mayall, JR; Karim, R, et al
13-Feb-2020Design for a multicenter, randomized, sham-controlled study to evaluate safety and efficacy after treatment with the Nuvaira (R) lung denervation system in subjects with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AIRFLOW-3)Slebos, D-J; Degano, B; Valipour, A; Shah, PL; Deslee, G, et al
30-Oct-2009Dynamic and physical clustering of gene expression during epidermal barrier formation in differentiating keratinocytes.Taylor, JM; Street, TL; Hao, L; Copley, R; Taylor, MS, et al
19-Nov-2018Further resolution of non-T2 asthma subtypes from high-throughput sputum transciptomics data in U-BIOPREDKermani, NZ; Pavlidis, S; Saqi, M; Guo, Y; Agapow, P, et al
30-Mar-2020Immunological and inflammatory biomarkers of susceptibility and severity in adult respiratory syncytial virus infections.Wiseman, DJ; Thwaites, RS; Drysdale, SB; Janet, S; Donaldson, GC, et al
14-Apr-2020Impact of comorbidities on peak troponin levels and mortality in acute myocardial infarctionSundaram, V; Rothnie, K; Bloom, C; Zakeri, R; Sahadevan, J, et al
2-Apr-2020Inhaled corticosteroid treatment regimens and health outcomes in a UK COPD population studyBloom, CI; Douglas, I; Usmani, OS; Quint, JK;
12-Jun-2009MicroRNA expression profiling in mild asthmatic human airways and effect of corticosteroid therapy.Williams, AE; Larner-Svensson, H; Perry, MM; Campbell, GA; Herrick, SE, et al
25-Feb-2020Respiratory viral infections in exacerbation of chronic airway inflammatory diseases: novel mechanisms and insights from the upper airway epithelium.Tan, KS; Lim, RL; Liu, J; Ong, HH; Tan, VJ, et al
1-May-2010[Role of EBUS-TBNA for mediastinal lymph node staging of lung cancer].Lim, E; Shah, PL
11-Feb-2019Serum exosomal miRNAs are associated with active pulmonary tuberculosisAlipoor, SD; Tabarsi, P; Varahram, M; Movassaghi, M; Dizaji, MK, et al
-Sputum microbiome profiles identify severe asthma phenotypes of relative stability at 12-18 monthsAbdel-Aziz, MI; Brinkman, P; Vijverberg, SJH; Neerincx, AH; Riley, JH, et al
12-Mar-2020Systematic Assessment of Difficult-to-Treat Asthma: Principles and Perspectives.Hew, M; Menzies-Gow, A; Hull, JH; Fleming, L; Porsbjerg, C, et al
8-Apr-2020Targeted retreatment of incompletely recovered COPD exacerbations with ciprofloxacin: a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, multicentre phase III trial.Ritchie, AI; Brill, SE; Vlies, BH; Finney, LJ; Allinson, JP, et al
10-Apr-2020Temporal trends in the incidence of heart failure among patients with COPD and its association with mortalityAxson, E; Sundaram, V; Bloom, C; Bottle, R; Cowie, M, et al
17-Mar-2020The effects of a video intervention on post-hospitalization pulmonary rehabilitation uptake: a randomized controlled trial.Barker, RE; Jones, SE; Banya, W; Fleming, S; Kon, SSC, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 21