Intraoperative measurement of bowel oxygen saturation using a multispectral imaging laparoscope

Title: Intraoperative measurement of bowel oxygen saturation using a multispectral imaging laparoscope
Authors: Clancy, NT
Arya, S
Stoyanov, D
Singh, M
Hanna, GB
Elson, DS
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: Intraoperative monitoring of tissue oxygen saturation (StO2) has potentially important applications in procedures such as organ transplantation or colorectal surgery, where successful reperfusion affects the viability and integrity of repaired tissues. In this paper a liquid crystal tuneable filter-based multispectral imaging (MSI) laparoscope is described. Motion-induced image misalignments are reduced, using feature-based registration, before regression of the tissue reflectance spectra to calculate relative quantities of oxy- and deoxyhaemoglobin. The laparoscope was validated in vivo, during porcine abdominal surgery, by making parallel MSI and blood gas measurements of the small bowel vasculature. Ischaemic conditions were induced by local occlusion of the mesenteric arcade and monitored using the system. The MSI laparoscope was capable of measuring StO2 over a wide range (30-100%) with a temporal error of ± 7.5%. The imager showed sensitivity to spatial changes in StO2 during dynamic local occlusions, as well as tracking the recovery of tissues post-occlusion.
Issue Date: 30-Sep-2015
Date of Acceptance: 27-Sep-2015
ISSN: 2156-7085
Publisher: Optical Society of America: Open Access Journals
Start Page: 4179
End Page: 4190
Journal / Book Title: Biomedical Optics Express
Volume: 6
Issue: 10
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Department of Health
Funder's Grant Number: 242991
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Keywords: Science & Technology
Life Sciences & Biomedicine
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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
(110.4234) Multispectral and hyperspectral imaging
(170.0170) Medical optics and biotechnology
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