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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Aug-2014The force-free configuration of flux ropes in geomagnetotail: Cluster observationsYang, YY; Shen, C; Zhang, YC; Rong, ZJ; Li, X, et al
10-Dec-2014Global impacts of a Foreshock Bubble: Magnetosheath, magnetopause and ground-based observationsArcher, MO; Turner, DL; Eastwood, JP; Schwartz, SJ; Horbury, TS
23-Dec-2014Effects of unsteady mountain-gap winds on eddies in the Red SeaNicholls, JF; Toumi, R; Stenchikov, G
28-Dec-2014Increases in plasma sheet temperature with solar wind driving during substorm growth phasesForsyth, C; Watt, CEJ; Rae, IJ; Fazakerley, AN; Kalmoni, NME, et al
19-Dec-2014XUV-driven mass loss from extrasolar giant planets orbiting active starsChadney,; Galand, M; Unruh, YC; Koskinen, TT; Sanz-Forcada, J
27-Dec-2014The daytime cycle in dust aerosol direct radiative effects observed in the central Sahara during the Fennec campaign in June 2011Banks, JR; Brindley, HE; Hobby, M; Marsham, JH
28-May-2014Dynamic auroral storms on Saturn as observed by the Hubble Space TelescopeNichols, JD; Badman, SV; Baines, KH; Brown, RH; Bunce, EJ, et al
28-Nov-2014Ion-scale spectral break of solar wind turbulence at high and low betaChen, CHK; Leung, L; Boldyrev, S; Maruca, BA; Bale, SD
31-Dec-2014Neptune and Triton: Essential pieces of the Solar System puzzleMasters, A; Achilleos, N; Agnor, CB; Campagnola, S; Charnoz, S, et al
31-Jul-2014Magnetic reconnection at Uranus' magnetopauseMasters, A