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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Oct-2015On the electron-to-neutral number density ration in the coma of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: guiding expression and sources for deviationsVigren, E; Galand, M; Eriksson, AI; Edberg, NJT; Odelstad, E, et al
23-Jan-2015Cometary science. Time variability and heterogeneity in the coma of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.Hässig, M; Altwegg, K; Balsiger, H; Bar-Nun, A; Berthelier, JJ, et al
10-Jan-2015On the possibility of significant electron depletion due to nanograin charging in the coma of comet 67p/churyumov-gerasimenko near perihelionVigren, E; Galand, M; Lavvas, P; Eriksson, AI; Wahlund, J-E
1-Nov-2015ROSINA/DFMS and IES observations of 67P: Ion-neutral chemistry in the coma of a weakly outgassing cometFuselier, SA; Altwegg, K; Balsiger, H; Berthelier, JJ; Bieler, A, et al
30-Jun-2015N-2 state population in Titan's atmosphereLavvas, P; Yelle, RV; Heays, AN; Campbell, L; Brunger, MJ, et al
28-Mar-2015Day-to-night transport in the Martian ionosphere: Implications from total electron content measurementsCui, J; Galand, M; Yelle, RV; Wei, Y; Zhang, S-J
25-Feb-2015The electron thermal structure in the dayside Martian ionosphere implied by the MGS radio occultation dataCui, J; Galand, M; Zhang, SJ; Vigren, E; Zou, H
1-Dec-2015The EChO science caseTinetti, G; Drossart, P; Eccleston, P; Hartogh, P; Isaak, K, et al