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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Oct-2015A Potential Vorticity Signature for the Cold Sector of Winter Extratropical CyclonesVanniere, B; Czaja, A; Dacre, H; Woollings, T; Parfitt, R, et al
1-May-2017Probabilistic Solar Wind and Geomagnetic Forecasting Using an Analogue Ensemble or "Similar Day" ApproachOwens, MJ; Riley, P; Horbury, TS; Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)
17-Apr-2018Publisher correction: Impact of wave whitecapping on land falling tropical cyclonesBruneau, N; Toumi, R; Wang, S
11-Jan-2013Alignment and Scaling of Large-Scale Fluctuations in the Solar WindWicks, RT; Mallet, A; Horbury, TS; Chen, CHK; Schekochihin, AA, et al
1-Feb-2013El Nino and health risks from landscape fire emissions in southeast AsiaMarlier, ME; DeFries, RS; Voulgarakis, A; Kinney, PL; Randerson, JT, et al
20-Dec-2016Prediction of geomagnetic storm strength from inner heliospheric in situ observationsKubicka, M; Mostl, C; Amerstorfer, T; Boakes, PD; Feng, L, et al
24-May-2012Magnetosheath pressure pulses: Generation downstream of the bow shock from solar wind discontinuitiesArcher, MO; Horbury, TS; Eastwood, JP
1-Apr-2012AXIOM: advanced X-ray imaging of the magnetosphereBranduardi-Raymont, G; Sembay, SF; Eastwood, JP; Sibeck, DG; Abbey, TA, et al
28-Apr-2015The dayside reconnection voltage applied to Saturn's magnetosphereMasters, A
25-Aug-2016The 2016 Feb 19 outburst of comet 67P/CG: an ESA Rosetta multi-instrument studyGrĂ¼n, E; Agarwal, J; Altobelli, N; Altwegg, K; Bentley, MS, et al