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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2017Satellite retrievals of dust aerosol over the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf (2005–2015)Banks, J; Brindley, HE; Stenchikov, G; Schepanski, K; Kaust, et al
24-Jan-2017On the variational data assimilation problem solving and sensitivity analysisArcucci, R; D'Amore, L; Pistoia, J; Toumi, R; Murli, A
20-Oct-2017Fe I Oscillator Strengths for Transitions from High-lying Odd-parity LevelsBelmonte, MT; Pickering, JC; Ruffoni, MP; Den Hartog, EA; Lawler, JE, et al
1-Dec-2017Lifetime measurements and oscillator strengths in singly ionized scandium and the solar abundance of scandiumRhodin, AP; Belmonte, MT; Engstrom, L; Lundberg, H; Nilsson, H, et al
29-Jul-2017Modeling observations of solar coronal mass ejections with heliospheric imagers verified with the Heliophysics System ObservatoryMöstl, C; Isavnin, A; Boakes, PD; Kilpua, EKJ; Davies, JA, et al
12-Jan-2017Intermittent energy dissipation by turbulent reconnectionFu, HS; Vaivads, A; Khotyaintsev, YV; André, M; Cao, JB, et al
27-Jan-2017Assessment of simulated aerosol effective radiative forcings in the terrestrial spectrumHeyn, I; Block, K; Mülmenstädt, J; Gryspeerdt, ERI; Kühne, P, et al
26-Apr-2017Constraining the instantaneous aerosol influence on cloud albedoGryspeerdt, E; Quaas, J; Ferrachat, S; Gettelman, A; Ghan, S, et al
7-Jun-2017Stagnation of Saturn’s auroral emission at noonRadioti, A; Grodent, D; Gerard, JC; Southwood, DJ; Chane, E, et al
22-Jun-2017Nature of kinetic scale turbulence in the Earth's magnetosheathChen, CHK; Boldyrev, S; Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)