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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2011Anisotropy of Alfvenic turbulence in the solar wind and numerical simulationsChen, CHK; Mallet, A; Yousef, TA; Schekochihin, AA; Horbury, TS
28-Feb-2009Measuring strain at the atomic-scale with Differential X-ray Absorption SpectroscopyRuffoni, MP; Pascarelli, S
5-Dec-2009An assessment of Saharan dust loading and the corresponding cloud-free longwave direct radiative effect from geostationary satellite observationsBrindley, HE; Russell, JE
1-Sep-2010Power and spectral index anisotropy of the entire inertial range of turbulence in the fast solar windWicks, RT; Horbury, TS; Chen, CHK; Schekochihin, AA
27-May-2013Impact of individual atmospheric parameters on CPV system power, energy yield and cost of energyChan, NLA; Brindley, HE; Ekins-Daukes, NJ
30-May-2007Mutual information as a tool for identifying phase transitions in dynamical complex systems with limited dataWicks, RT; Chapman, SC; Dendy, RO
24-Jan-2011Anisotropy of Imbalanced Alfvenic Turbulence in Fast Solar WindWicks, RT; Horbury, TS; Chen, CHK; Schekochihin, AA
7-Oct-2010An influence of solar spectral variations on radiative forcing of climateHaigh, JD; Winning, AR; Toumi, R; Harder, JW
19-Jan-2008Evidence for collisionless magnetic reconnection at MarsEastwood, JP; Brain, DA; Halekas, JS; Drake, JF; Phan, TD, et al
23-Jan-2009Observations of Turbulence Generated by Magnetic ReconnectionEastwood, JP; Phan, TD; Bale, SD; Tjulin, A