Proton acceleration by a relativistic laser frequency-chirp driven plasma snowplow

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Title: Proton acceleration by a relativistic laser frequency-chirp driven plasma snowplow
Authors: Sahai, AA
Katsouleas, TC
Bingham, RA
Tsung, FS
Tableman, AR
Tzoufras, M
Mori, WB
Item Type: Conference Paper
Abstract: We analyze the use of a relativistic laser pulse with a controlled frequency chirp incident on a rising plasma density gradient to drive an acceleration structure for proton and light-ion acceleration. The Chirp Induced Transparency Acceleration (ChITA) scheme is described with an analytical model of the velocity of the snowplow at critical density on a pre-formed rising plasma density gradient that is driven by a positive-chirp in the frequency of a relativistic laser pulse. The velocity of the ChITA-snowplow is shown to depend upon rate of rise of the frequency of the relativistic laser pulse represented by $frac{epsilon_0}{theta}$ where, $epsilon_0 = frac{Deltaomega_0}{omega_0}$ and chirping spatial scale-length, $theta$, the normalized magnetic vector potential of the laser pulse $a_0$ and the plasma density gradient scale-length, $alpha$. We observe using 1-D OSIRIS simulations the formation and forward propagation of ChITA-snowplow, being continuously pushed by the chirping laser at a velocity in accordance with the analytical results. The trace protons reflect off of this propagating snowplow structure and accelerate mono-energetically. The control over ChITA-snowplow velocity allows the tuning of accelerated proton energies.
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2012
Date of Acceptance: 20-May-2012
ISBN: 978-3-95450-115-1
Publisher: IEEE
Start Page: 2654
End Page: 2656
Journal / Book Title: Proceedings of IPAC 2012
Copyright Statement: © 2012 by IEEE- Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0)
Conference Name: IPAC 2012
Keywords: Plasma physics
Accelerator physics
Notes: Proceedings of IPAC2012, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, pp.2654-2656, 07 Accelerator Technology and Main Systems, T25 Lasers, ISBN 978-3-95450-115-1
Publication Status: Published
Start Date: 2012-05-20
Finish Date: 2012-05-25
Conference Place: New Orleans, Louisiana
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