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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jan-2015A coherent approach for analysis of the Illumina HumanMethylation450 BeadChip improves data quality and performance in epigenome-wide association studiesLehne, BC
17-Jul-2019A pooled analysis of the duration of chemoprophylaxis against malaria after treatment with artesunate-amodiaquine and artemether-lumefantrine: data & analysis outputBretscher, M; Dahal, P; Griffin, J; Stepniewska, K; Bassat, Q, et al
17-Feb-2016adegenet: adegenet version 2.0.1Jombart, T; Kamvar, ZN; Luštrik, R; Schliep, K; Mikryukov, V, et al
30-Jan-2019Admission records, including haemoglobin measurements, for 29,226 children admitted to a paediatric ward in a rural Kenyan hospital for the period 2002-2009Maitland, K; Ohuma, EO; Mpoya, A; Uyoga, S; Hassall, O, et al
12-Jul-2019annecori/EpiEstim: EpiEstim Cran 2.2-1Cori, A; Kamvar, ZN; Stockwin, J; Jombart, T; Thompson, R, et al
16-Nov-2018AntonioJBT/project_quickstart: added tests, flake8, and minor updatesBerlanga, A
11-Jun-2019AntonioJBT/project_quickstart: cgatcore 0.5.13 plus minor bugsBerlanga, A
7-Jul-2015apex: Version 1.0.1 submitted to CRANJombart, T; Kamvar, ZN; Archer, E; Harris, R; Xie, Y
27-Feb-2016Are Smartphones and Fitness Apps Fit For Purpose? An experimental studyJones, G
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep1_part1Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep1_part2Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep1_part3Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep1_part4Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep1_part5Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep2_part1Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep2_part2Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep2_part3Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep2_part4Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep3_part1Ding, S
19-Nov-2018brightfieldBigPatchSwarmingImaging_npr-1_rep3_part2Ding, S
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 210