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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2010Stability of graph communities across time scalesDelvenne, J-C; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
30-Apr-2014Structure of complex networks: Quantifying edge-to-edge relations by failure-induced flow redistributionSchaub, MT; Lehmann, J; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
21-Mar-2017Towards precision healthcare: context and mathematical challengesColijn, C; Jones, N; Johnston, I; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M, et al
27-Feb-2012Markov Dynamics as a Zooming Lens for Multiscale Community Detection: Non Clique-Like Communities and the Field-of-View LimitSchaub, MT; Delvenne, J-C; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
8-Aug-2012Quantitative measure of hysteresis for memristors through explicit dynamicsGeorgiou, PS; Yaliraki, SN; Drakakis, EM; Barahona, M
1-May-2006Stochastic kinetics of viral capsid assembly based on detailed protein structuresHemberg, M; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
22-Mar-2016Community detection and role identification in directed networks: understanding the Twitter network of the debateAmor, B; Vuik, S; Callahan, R; Darzi, A; Yaliraki, SN, et al
3-Feb-2016Window functions and sigmoidal behaviour of memristive systemsGeorgiou, PS; Yaliraki, SN; Drakakis, EM; Barahona, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al
15-Jul-2015Great cities look small.Sim, A; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M; Stumpf, MP
1-Nov-2014On memristor ideality and reciprocityGeorgiou, PS; Barahona, M; Yaliraki, SN; Drakakis, EM