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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2004On the stability of the Kuramoto model of coupled nonlinear oscillatorsJadbabaie, A; Motee, N; Barahona, M
1-Jan-2017New calculations of Gilbert damping in ferromagnetic transition metalsUmerski, A; Edwards, DM
5-Dec-2016Impulsively Excited Disturbances in Non-Uniform Boundary LayersDavies, C; Thomas, C; Ramage, A
6-May-2016Onset of absolute instability in oscillatory Stokes layersRamage, A; Davies, C; Thomas, C
31-Jul-2015Dispersion Loci of Guided Waves in Viscoelastic Composites of General AnisotropyQuintanilla, FH; Fan, Z; Lowe, MJS; Craster, RV; Chimenti, DE, et al
2-Jul-2015The linear impulse response for disturbances in an oscillatory Stokes layerDavies, C; Thomas, C; Bassom, AP; Blennerhassett, PJ; Simos, T, et al
27-Nov-2017Social learning against data falsification in sensor networksRosas De Andraca, F; Chen, K-C
15-Feb-2018Coverage maximization for a poisson field of drone cellsRosas De Andraca, F; Azari, MM; Murillo, Y; Amin, O; Alouini, MS, et al
16-Apr-2018Impact of the interference correlation on the decoding error statisticsRosas De Andraca, F; Manolakis, K; Oberli, C; Azari, MM; Verhelst, M, et al
1-Jul-2015Shaping Pulses to Control Bi-Stable Biological SystemsSootla, A; Oyarzun, DA; Angeli, D; Stan, GB