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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jul-2010Switchable genetic oscillator operating in quasi-stable modeStrelkowa, N; Barahona, M
20-Jul-2010Stability of graph communities across time scalesDelvenne, J-C; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
1-Sep-1998Pinned states in Josephson arrays: A general stability theoremBarahona, M; Strogatz, SH
1-May-1998Row-switched states in two-dimensional underdamped Josephson-junction arraysBarahona, M; Watanabe, S
30-Apr-2014Structure of complex networks: Quantifying edge-to-edge relations by failure-induced flow redistributionSchaub, MT; Lehmann, J; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
6-Apr-2013Risk factor-dependent dynamics of atopic dermatitis: modelling multi-scale regulation of epithelium homeostasisDominguez-Huettinger, E; Ono, M; Barahona, M; Tanaka, RJ
21-Mar-2017Towards precision healthcare: context and mathematical challengesColijn, C; Jones, N; Johnston, I; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M, et al
25-Nov-2012Compound stress response in stomatal closure: a mathematical model of ABA and ethylene interaction in guard cellsBeguerisse-Diaz, M; Hernandez-Gomez, MC; Lizzul, AM; Barahona, M; Desikan, R
27-Feb-2012Markov Dynamics as a Zooming Lens for Multiscale Community Detection: Non Clique-Like Communities and the Field-of-View LimitSchaub, MT; Delvenne, J-C; Yaliraki, SN; Barahona, M
17-Sep-2010Robustness of Random Graphs Based on Natural ConnectivityWu, J; Barahona, M; Tan, Y; Deng, H