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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Dec-2015Beurling moving averages and approximate homomorphismsBingham, NH; Ostaszewski, AJ
15-Apr-2018Beyond Lebesgue and Baire IV: density topologies and a converse Steinhaus-Weil theoremBingham, NH; Ostaszewski, AJ
6-Dec-2016Voronoi means, moving averages, and power seriesBingham, NH; Gashi, B
1-Aug-2017Coefficient stripping in the matricial Nehari problemKasahara, Y; Bingham, NH
1-Oct-2017Category-measure duality: convexity, midpoint convexity and Berz sublinearityBingham, NH; Ostaszewski, AJ
1-Dec-2018Matricial Baxter's theorem with a Nehari sequenceKasahara, Y; Bingham, NH
1-Apr-2019Dimension walks on Sd×RBingham, NH; Symons, TL
1-Apr-2018Additivity, subadditivity and linearity: automatic continuity and quantifier weakeningBingham, NH; Ostaszewski, AJ
25-Jul-2016Probability unfolding, 1965‒2015Bingham, NH
1-Mar-2019Set theory and the analystBingham, NH; Ostaszewski, AJ