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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-May-2017Peptide-functionalized fluorescent particles for in situ detection of nitric oxide via peroxynitrite-mediated nitrationChang, JYH; Chow, LW; Dismuke, WM; Ethier, CR; Stevens, MM, et al
23-May-2017The stability of small pegs for cementless implant fixationGeraldes, D; Hansen, U; Jeffers, J; Amis, A;
29-Oct-2016In vitro hip testing in the International Society of Biomechanics coordinate systemVan arkel, R; Jeffers, J;
1-Jan-2018EchoFusion: Tracking and Reconstruction of Objects in 4D Freehand Ultrasound Imaging without External TrackersKhanal, B; Gomez, A; Toussaint, N; McDonagh, S; Zimmer, V, et al
21-Mar-2018Activity dependent downscaling of subthreshold synaptic inputs during slow wave sleep like activity in vivoGonzález Rueda, A; Pedrosa, V; Feord, R; Clopath, C; Paulsen, O, et al
10-Jan-2017The role of neuromodulators in cortical lasticity. A computational perspectivePedrosa, V; Clopath, C; , et al
3-May-2016Interference fit optimisation for small press-fitted pegsGeraldes, D; Hansen, U; Jeffers, J; Amis, A;
8-May-2017Enhancing continuous online microdialysis using dexamethasone: measurement of dynamic neurometabolic changes during spreading depolarizationVarner, EL; Leong, CL; Jaquins-Gerstl, A; Nesbitt, KM; Boutelle, MG, et al
23-Feb-2018Engineering extracellular vesicles with the tools of enzyme prodrug therapyFuhrmann, G; Chandrawati, R; Parmar, P; Keane, TJ; Maynard, SA, et al
14-Nov-2016Particle MCMC algorithms and architectures for accelerating inference in state-space modelsBouganis, C; Mingas, G; Bottolo, L;