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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Feb-2018Engineering extracellular vesicles with the tools of enzyme prodrug therapyFuhrmann, G; Chandrawati, R; Parmar, P; Keane, TJ; Maynard, SA, et al
7-Dec-2016Comodulation enhances signal detection via priming of auditory cortical circuitsSollini, J; Chadderton, P;
19-Jan-2016The cerebellum linearly encodes whisker position during voluntary movementChen, S; Augustine, GJ; Chadderton, PT;
15-Oct-2016Evaluation of a minimally invasive glucose biosensor for continuous tissue monitoringSharma, S; Huang, Z; Rogers, M; Boutelle, M; Cass, AEG, et al
22-Mar-2017Quantitative volumetric Raman imaging of three dimensional cell culturesKallepitis, C; Bergholt, MS; Mazo, MM; Leonardo, V; Skaalure, SC, et al
30-Jan-2018Fabrication of Hemin-Doped Serum Albumin-Based Fibrous Scaffolds for Neural Tissue Engineering ApplicationsHsu, C-C; Serio, A; Amdursky, N; Besnard, C; Stevens, MM, et al
9-Feb-2018Raman Spectroscopic Imaging for Quantification of Depth-Dependent and Local Heterogeneities in Native and Engineered CartilageAlbro, M; Bergholt, M; St-Pierre, JP; Vinals Guitart, A; Zlotnick, HM, et al
24-Jan-2018Extracting complex dielectric properties from reflection-transmission mode spectroscopySun, J; Lucyszyn, S;
26-Oct-2016Pericyte seeded dual peptide scaffold with improved endothelialization for vascular graft tissue engineeringStevens, MM; Campagnolo, P; Gormley, AJ; Chow, L; Guex, A, et al
1-Sep-2017Highly porous scaffolds of PEDOT:PSS for bone tissue engineeringGuex, A; Puetzer, J; Armgarth, A; Littmann, E; Stavrinidou, E, et al